Haruka Okubo (Lulu) was born in Yokohama,Japan. She began to play the flute at age twelve.She studied flute performance at Tamagawa University and completed her study in 1990.After working as an instructor at YAMAHA Popular Music School for three years,she went to England to study at 'The Studio' founded by Trevor Wye.While taking the performance course there,the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim made a deep impression on her.She returned to Japan in 1994.Now she plays Brazilian popular music (bossa nova, samba, and so on) at various places like live houses and restaurants all over Japan,and on recordings.

Oct.2015  Concert and work shop at Space Do, Tokyo.
                Produced by Studio Cliche.
Nov.2012  Concert at Oumigakudou, Tokyo Opera City
                Produced by Studio Cliche.
Jun.2011  Concert at Powell Flute Japan, Artist Salon Dolce, Tokyo.
                Produced by Studio Cliche.
Dec.2009  Talk and Concert at Nishi-Rokugo elementary school, Tokyo.
                Produced by PTA of Nishi-Rokugo elementary school.
Oct.2009  Concert and work shop at Faces, Morioka, Iwate.
                Produced by Faces.
Jul.2009    'Samba & Bossa Nova Concert' at Kannai Hall in Yokohama.
                 Produced by kujiranoize.
Dec.2008   'Bossa Nova Concert' at Kanagawa Art Hall.
                 Sponsored by government of Yokohama city, Hodogaya area.
Oct.2008   'BOSSA in Aoyama-jingumae' in Tokyo.
                 Sponsored by embassy of Brazil in Japan.
Aug.2008   Concerts and master class at Royal Northern College of Music,
        Sponsored by The British Flute Society
Dec.2007   Christmas concert at Sunheart Music Hall.
        Produced by studio cliche
Oct.2005   'Street Art-Plex' in Kumamoto.
        Sponsored by government of Kumamoto city.
Dec.2003  Christmas concert at Okurayama Memorial Hall.
        Sponsored by government of Yokohama city.
Oct.2003  'Festival in Kumamoto Castle'
        Sponsored by government of Kumamoto city.
Sep.2002  Party at Yokohama International Stadium (VIP Room),celebrating Brazilian
        independence day.
        Sponsored by Yokohama F.Marinos.(Football team)
Apr.2002   Renewal opening event at Red Brick Warehouse.
                (sight-seeing spot in Yokohama)

Sep.2012   'Song Of The Jet / Bossa Flautas'
         Produced by Studio Cliche.
Feb.2011  'Samba Sem Nome / Yuki Chikada'
              Produced by MINA RECORDS. Played flute on 'Ka-e-ro-ka-na'.
Aug.2007  'Estrada Branca / Sachiko Yoshino'
               Produced by Nerco Disc. Played flute on 'Bossa Na Praia',
               alto flute on 'Lua Lua Lua Lua', and played piccolo on 'Lindo Dia'
Jun.2006   'Easy Living vol.1'
       Produced by Philia Records.
               Played flute on 'Rita', composed by Ryuichiro Higashino.
Dec.2005 'Classic In Bossa Nova Flute/Haruka Okubo Trio'
       Produced by Chuo Art Publishing Co., Ltd.
Sep.2004  'Olha Pro Ceu/Haruka Okubo Trio'
       Produced by Studio Cliche.
Nov.2001 'Orange/Aki'
       Produced by ecollage Inc..Played flute on 'O barquinho','Sambinha'
Oct.2001  'Monolith/Europa'
       Produced by MIDI Creative.Played flute on 'Vou Vivendo','Amoroso','Ingeuo'

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