Trevor Wye ( Flutist / Programme Director of the BFS Flute Convention )
I love her playing! Her flute playing is cool, rhythmic and wonderfully in tune, so very expressive and without using vibrato too! Haruka has a special playing style which appeals to everyone I know who has listened to her. Her CDs really are unusual!
The Bossa Nova books are very good for 'Playing - Along' because they are effective without being at all difficult. Her own playing on the CDs that comes with them leaves the player with the perfect example on how it should be done.
Daily Exercises in Bossa Nova? These are amusing to play and help your technique at the same time. Haruka is a special person. I wish the flute always sounded as easy and as beautiful as this!
Trevor Wye
Kepel Kimura ( The president of CHU-NANBEI-ONGAKU, a Brazilian imported CD shop in Japan )
Unexpectedly, there is no such album like 'Olha Pro Ceu', which has only Bossa Nova tunes with flute in Brazil. This Haruka Okubo Trio's CD may be the first one in the world. Their performance is faithful to the basics and natural, so you can easily listen and enjoy Bossa Nova standards. I recommend this CD to all the music lovers.
実はブラジル本国ではフルートでボサノヴァを演奏したアルバムというのは以外なことに出ていないのです。もしかしたら、大久保はるかトリオのCD 「Olha Pro Ceu」 が世界初ということになるのかもしれません。3人の基本に忠実で素直な演奏はとても聴きやすく、ボサノヴァのスタンダードをじっくりと楽しませてくれるので、全ての音楽ファンにオススメの一枚です。