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Photo; Yuuki Chikada ( Vo. & Gt. ) , Haruka Okubo ( Fl. ), and owners of "Copo Do Dia ", a bar in Tokyo.

We had Bossa Nova and Samba concert at there. It was the first time we played together, but I think our session was good, and maybe we play together again.

Listening our session, click here.

Season's greetings for you. May all your plans and wishes come true in this year too.
July, 30th, 2007 photo; Sachiko Yoshino (Vo.&Gt.,on the left) and me.
 We played Bossa Nova at Sakura, a Japanese tea shop in Yokohama.
Yoshino-san released her first CD ! I also played flute, alto flute, and piccolo on some tracks.
I really wish her success and good luck.
April, 7th, 2007 photo; My professor, Trevor Wye and me.
I played Bossa Nova, Samba, and Choro at Farout, a Jazz bar in Yokohama. Trevor Wye came to see us. He seemed to satisfied our show.
I'm so happy to meet him again. He is a lifelong teacher for me.
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